New NBEMS Videos Available

Several NBEMS training videos have been created by Frank – N3FLL.

These have been uploaded to this website, and are available to view via the “NBEMS” tab. These videos are great tools that allow you to see NBEMS in action, as well as learn how to download, install, and configure the NBEMS suite.

There are a couple more videos coming soon. There are placeholders for them on the web page. They will be uploaded and available as soon as we can get them there.

2023 Northbrook Canoe Challenge Event – Coming up May 6th

Every year, the Cerebral Palsy Association of Chester Co., Inc. runs an event for raising funds for, and awareness of Cerebral Palsy. CCAR has been an important partner in making this event safe, and successful.

We are, once again, providing communications support for this event. It is a fun, low pressure event to work as an operator. The only equipment needed is an HT and a desire to spend a little time in a scenic spot overlooking the Brandywine Creek. The event this year will be on a Saturday – May 6th.

We need to provide at least 12 operators that will be placed at critical points along the canoe route to watch out for the canoes and report any status throughout the event. Please consider volunteering for one of these positions.

As always, if you have participated in the past and have a desire to work a particular spot, please ask. I will try to accommodate your requests.

I will send out a request for operators sometime in early March. Please look for it, and respond.

Jim – WA3NOA

CCAR Spotlighted in County DES Newsletter

The Chester County Department of Emergency Services Publishes a newsletter twice a year. This newsletter provides information to the employees and the community pertaining to various parts of the organization.

In the fall 2021 newsletter, there was an article published that spotlights CCAR and what we do.

Please check out pages 7 and 8 of this newsletter, available below.

Article was written by Jim – WA3NOA at the request of CCDES.

Marshalton Triathlon – October 2, 2022

After a two year hiatus, the Marshalton Triathlon is ready to make a comeback!
The triathlon is a great event for CCAR operators to provide community service. We have been providing communications support for this event since its inception and have proven to be a valuable part of the event.
This year’s event is being held on Sunday – October 2nd. The event starts at the West Bradford Fire Company in Marshalton, and the participants will be bicycling 2.4 miles down to the Brandywine River…canoeing on the Brandywine…fast walking back to their bicycles…and, bicycling back up to the Fire Station. We have operators placed along the entire route and provide spotting and safety support.
Here’s a link to the official website:
We need operators for all locations. Operators will need to be in place at assigned locations by 7:30am. Depending upon how many people participate, the last heat will be completed by approximately 3:00pm. Typically, we wrap up before that. Lunches are provided and are delivered right to our operators. This is a very fun and simple event to operate for. All that is required is an HT. Depending upon the assigned location, operators either sit in your car, or a folding chair.
Please consider volunteering to be an operator. If you are interested, please contact me, via email at:
If you wish to be assigned to a specific location, please let me know, and I should be able to accommodate you.
Thanks, once again, for all you do to support CCAR and the communities of Chester County.
Jim Harris – WA3NOA

EPA SET on Friday May 20th

CCAR is looking for volunteers to take part in a EPA Simulated Emergency Test (SET) on Friday May 20th. 
Time: from 7 pm to 8 pm.

More details will be shared on the Thursday evening CCAR voice net at 7:30 pm.

Basic plan for this EPA SET will look something like this:
Reason:  Severe weather and flooding has occurred in Chester County
Response: Four Shelters have been opened in Chester Cty Schools: Oxford, West Chester, Downingtown East, and Owen J Roberts.

Begin EPA SET Friday evening May 20th at 7 pm. RESNET opens on linked UHF repeaters at W3EOC at 7 pm – K3JSE net control. RESNET announces the call for CCAR ops to deploy (virtual only) on this drill
As ops check in to RESNET, they volunteer (VIRTUALLY)to go to one of these shelters 

A detailed plan has been emailed to the CCAR membership, and more information will be provided on tonight’s voice net.

The CCAR POC for this event is Barry K3EUI. Direct all responses and queries to:

New W3EOC.ORG online

Thank you Andy, James, Rich, and Jim for getting the new on-line. I want to acknowledge all of your hard work and tireless efforts over a number of months to get us to this point. Just a little bit more to go, but it is great to have a key communication tool back in operation!