EPA SET on Friday May 20th

CCAR is looking for volunteers to take part in a EPA Simulated Emergency Test (SET) on Friday May 20th. 
Time: from 7 pm to 8 pm.

More details will be shared on the Thursday evening CCAR voice net at 7:30 pm.

Basic plan for this EPA SET will look something like this:
Reason:  Severe weather and flooding has occurred in Chester County
Response: Four Shelters have been opened in Chester Cty Schools: Oxford, West Chester, Downingtown East, and Owen J Roberts.

Begin EPA SET Friday evening May 20th at 7 pm. RESNET opens on linked UHF repeaters at W3EOC at 7 pm – K3JSE net control. RESNET announces the call for CCAR ops to deploy (virtual only) on this drill
As ops check in to RESNET, they volunteer (VIRTUALLY)to go to one of these shelters 

A detailed plan has been emailed to the CCAR membership, and more information will be provided on tonight’s voice net.

The CCAR POC for this event is Barry K3EUI. Direct all responses and queries to: K3euiBarry-at-gmail.com

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