VARA Network

Listing of the digipeaters and host that make up the CCAR VARA network. All are on 145.67 MHz. The digis support both both digipeating and broadcasting. Digis are utilized if a direct connection to W3EOC-10 cannot be made. Up to 2 digis can be used to create a path (i.e. your station to W3EOC-10 via KE3HG-4, W3EOC-6

Click here for a map showing the locations.

W3EOC-10 Post Office in 026 (2 meter RF link only. No internet connection)

W3EOC-4 Digi in 026

W3EOC-6 Digi Charlestown

W3EOC-3 Digi Roxborough 

N3MEL-4 Digi West Bradford

KB3PCY-4 Digi Kennett Square

KE3HG-4 Digi North Coventry

K3JV-4 Digi Morgantown