MS150 City To Shore September 25th and 26th

The MS150 is a bike ride from Cherry Hill to Ocean City NJ. Like any other event all operator skills are needed.

I recommend using the email address below to make the first contact.

Here is their latest request for help email:



WOW  –  We had a REAL BAD week.

This past week, we only had enough new volunteers to cover 3 route assignments, BUT we had one pull out, which of course leaves us with only a net 2 route assignments.

I very much like to think of our community as a very proud one, but I will put all pride aside to BEG and PLEAD for your help with the 2021 Ride MS – City to Shore.  As we have put out to you folks many times, this is one of, if not, the largest HAM involved Community Service special event in the country.  In order to support this event in the complete manner that it needs, we need a minimum of 150 HAM volunteers.


34 – This doesn’t seem like a big number, but until we hit it, and hopefully as quickly as possible, we are falling short in an endeavor to support the thousands of riders and other volunteers in ensuring a safe and informative event that is a major force in helping the Too Many Local Folks living with Multiple Sclerosis. 

We ask again – PLEASE DIG DEEP – to put aside the 25th and 26th of September, 2021 to come out and prove that our community is PROUD and professional enough to put communication companies to shame.  A lot of eyes are on us during this event, our peers, our reporting publications, and other supporting factions that see us as an example of what can be done when you CARE.  A few hours a day so show SO MUCH.

Please sign up on line at :                                                             

Or email back the attached sign up form as soon as possible.

Thank you again, and we look forward to working WITH as many of you as possible
With Much Appreciation73 EvComm (609.795.0909)


Here is the link to sign up on line:   

Phone: EvComm (609.795.0909)

EMail: Ev Comm