WA3NOA HF items information from round table 2/13/21

Several people requested further information on the items I mentioned during the Saturday CCAR round table on 2/13/21. Below are links to those items.

USB Sound Card Interface similar to Signalink: https://www.g4zlp.co.uk/unified/DM_MiniPro_SC.htm

Xeigu SDR HF Transceiver: https://www.connectsystems.com/products/top/radios/G90.htm

Portable HF Vertical Antenna: https://www.wolfrivercoils.com/products.html

End Fed Half Wave Antenna: http://earchi.org/proj_homebrew.html

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Jim – WA3NOA



Send Us Your News for the YouTube Premier of « What Hams Do… »
by EPA Admin

The new EPA Section’s YouTube Premiere of “What Hams Do…” takes place at 8 PM, Sunday, September 20th. The show is full of fascinating stuff about ham radio today, kids in ham radio, the future of ham radio and a special feature about a ham you won’t want to miss. 

So do two things please:

1 – Send us any news you want to report in the show. We must have it by 5 PM, September 5th. Send it to jaysilber@arrl.net.
2 – Let everyone in your club know about the show and ask everyone to email friends, relatives, especially young people they think might develop an interest in ham radio after they see other kids doing it.  Spoiler Alert: Scouts and Balloons play a role in this show. 
3 – They can use this link to find the show once it’s been uploaded to YouTube, (September 10th) though it won’t be available for viewing until the start time: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLxVNZ1HEF9gTaPf-QhvJNA
4 – We’ll send out a reminder once it’s uploaded so you can pass it along. Looking forward to hearing from you real soon. 

Jay Silber (WA2UAR)
Public Information Coordinator
ARRL-Eastern Pennsylvania
Tel: 610 662-8032
Email: JaySilber@arrl.net

SkyWarn Event Created for April 18th

The ARES-CONNECT event has been created for the April 18th, online Skywarn training.  Please make sure you register.  There is information in the description regarding where to go for installation of the software and for troubleshooting assistance.

N3FLL is coordinating this event, and will be sponsoring some CCAR-specific ZOOM meetings to get you used to the software before the actual training event.  The official meeting ID and details will be sent out on Friday morning, April 17th to anyone who has registered in ARES-CONNECT.

The event on Saturday will open 8:30am, to give everyone 30 minutes to get connected and work out any last minute connection issues.  Please use the training sessions and this extra time window to avoid delaying the start of the actual training.

Thank you, thanks to Frank, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing, or at least hearing,  you on Saturday morning!


Dave / KB3YCK

Frank / N3FLL

Skywarn Presentation Saturday April 18 at 0900

To All CCAR  members:

On Saturday April 18  at 0900 we will have a Skywarn presentation using Zoom video software.  I will send out an “Invitation”  to join on Friday April 17.

In the meantime this Saturday April 11 at 1000 hrs, I’ll have a test Zoom meeting for anyone not familiar with this software.  I’ll send the “Invitation” to join  tomorrow April 10. 

If you plan to attend the Skywarn training I’d like to see you this Saturday using Zoom  or send me an e-mail to: 




CCAR Backup Site

Welcome to the CCAR backup site. This site is temporarily in place until the primary site is back in service. There is no login. Recommended browser is FireFox. Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft browsers work however the password for accessing the restricted documents does not.

CANCELED – Skywarn refresher – April 2020

In April, we’ll have a Skywarn refresher/training session for the CCAR team.

The training session will take the place of the April Tech Rally.  There is a chance we’ll need to move to April 18th instead of the 11th, in order to accommodate everyone.

 If you are a CCAR member this is a class that we want everyone to take, and it is expected for anyone in an ARES/RACES group as well.

 PLEASE REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE if you will attend SkyWarn training in April, so I can get an early headcount for the NWS instructor, and schedule a location that will fit everyone.

 Thanks in advance, and as always, thank you for your service to Chester County ARES/RACES, to Chester County DES, and to the residents of Chester County.

Dave Flad / KB3YCK

Emergency Coordinator

Chester County ARES/RACES (CCAR)