SkyWarn Event Created for April 18th

The ARES-CONNECT event has been created for the April 18th, online Skywarn training.  Please make sure you register.  There is information in the description regarding where to go for installation of the software and for troubleshooting assistance.

N3FLL is coordinating this event, and will be sponsoring some CCAR-specific ZOOM meetings to get you used to the software before the actual training event.  The official meeting ID and details will be sent out on Friday morning, April 17th to anyone who has registered in ARES-CONNECT.

The event on Saturday will open 8:30am, to give everyone 30 minutes to get connected and work out any last minute connection issues.  Please use the training sessions and this extra time window to avoid delaying the start of the actual training.

Thank you, thanks to Frank, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing, or at least hearing,  you on Saturday morning!


Dave / KB3YCK

Frank / N3FLL