PEMA ACS Activation — 08-04 ISAIAS 08/04/2020

“In support of PEMA’s Activation for Weather, PEMA ACS will operate a net on August 4th from 0800(L) Till 2359(L) 

Eastern and Central area stations are requested to report weather conditions.  Central and Western area stations are requested to monitor the nets and assist net control with any relays of traffic that may be needed. 

The net will track: check in / reports from any amateur radio operator, consisting of Call Sign, real time conditions – Rain Fall Amounts, Wind Speed,  Any Flooding Conditions and stations zip code.

Statewide net: Aug 4th on 3993.5khz starting 0800 local.  Net may move to 5.346.5khz (depending on propagation.)  Central PA stations may check in on Repeater 147.075, +, 123.0
Additionally there will be a partially attended station recording paNBEMS digital reports
on 3583.0khz. See Attached ICS 205 for details. 

Reports can also be sent via winlink express to KB3NIA

PEMA ACS also monitors BRANDMISTER DMR 31420 – PEMA/ACS ARES EmComm 

Email: with any questions.

Thank Your For Your Support

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Ham Radio Operators