CCAR Quarterly Meeting – 01/16/2021

 Saturday, January 16 • 9 am – 10:30 am

If you are available, please register in ARES-CONNECT for the 1st Quarterly Meeting for CCAR members of 2021. To register click on the “Membership” link above.

The agenda will cover several items including COVID-19 vaccinations, update on our Weather Station refurb program, upcoming events, an update on Tech Rally changes, and a few others.

Bring your questions, concerns, and any updates on what you’ve been up to during 2021 that might interest the general membership.

Currently there are not many members registered, which is okay, but I’d certainly like to get a few more folks there if possible.  The ZOOM meeting details are included in the ARES-CONNECT confirmation email message you get when you register.