Creating a Post

Follow the steps below to add a new post to the site:

1. Select “New” -> “Post” in the administration bar at the top of the page.

2. Enter the Title and Content of your post in the editor

3. Add files or image blocks by clicking the [+] button and selecting the desired block type.

4. Select files to upload

5. By default, PDF will display as inline. If this is not desired, unselect “Show inline embed” on the right “Block” menu

6. Select “Open in new tab” so that clicking the link will not take over the page.

7. By default the file name will not display the file extension. Click on the file name to edit and add include the extension.

8. Select the “Post” tab to choose categories.

9. Select appropriate Categories. Only Announcements, NBEMS, Quarterly Meetings and Weekly Drill Messages show up on all pages. Other categories are accessible under “What’s New”.

10. Publish your post by clicking Publish in the top-right corner.

11. Click Publish again to make your post available.