CCAR WX Stations

Ground-truth weather information is important here since the NWS radars provide information only down to 7000 feet above ground level over Chester County. Chester County Department of Emergency Services owns weather station equipment that it entrusts to CCAR operators who agree to maintain it, provide radio equipment for it, and keep it's telemetry signals on the air 24/7. The County also has installed heavy-duty instrumentation at key sites maintained by the University of Delaware (instrumentation) and CCAR (telemetry system). These stations are named CCDES-1 through 9 below. The real-time information for these stations can be viewed by clicking on the blue WX icons on the map below.

The weather data gathered here is kept in a database on a server at the Chester County Government Services Center, and is distributed to the APRS-IS network of servers, and the National Weather Service's MADIS data ingest system. Future development will make the data available in real time to the public on the web, and on the DEOS system of Delaware.

Download WX ops CSV file.