Hurricane Watch Net

With Hurricane Florence headed for the US SE, followed quickly by Issac, here are some details regarding the Hurricane Watch Net.

Digital Hotspots - Potential interference with Satellite Uplink Operations

ARRL published a report at that covers potential interference between DMR hotspots and Satellite uplinks.

Please review your hotspot settings to avoid the listed frequency ranges, and share the article with others that should also be aware of this potential concern.

Regards -- Dave

CCAR Weekly Drill Messages for 9/06/2018

A copy of this week's drill message is available here for download. All members checking into the CCAR Weekly Information Net, should download a copy of the weekly drill message in advance and be prepared to transmit the message if called upon by the Net Control Station. A "scripted" version of the message is included for your reference.

A version of the message formatted for flmsg is included for NBEMS practice after the net.


The August newsletter from WT, our Section Emergency Coordinator is available. Interesting content on the new ARES Strategic Plan, ARES Connect, as well as a couple of references to Chester County in this issue.

Tech Rallies - Sept 8 and Oct 13, 2018

To all CCAR members.

The tech rallies for September and October will be used to completely test the repeater and simplex communications to/from 74 Chester County municipalities. We need every member’s help in performing this important test.

Saturday - September 8, 2018 from 0830 until noon
Saturday - October 13, 2018 from 0830 until noon

These are the dates.

I am attaching a document that fully explains the purpose and mechanism that we will use.

Outside CCAR Public Service Opportunity

I am registered to volunteer with the MS150 event at the end of September. I received this email looking for additional volunteer communicators. If you look at the attached form or the website there is an August 15 registration due date. I questioned this andreceived the following reply:
". . . we will take volunteers until the day before the event, and while the rooms are getting low, we have requested additional, and will put out an announcement if we completely book up."

Rich KE3HG


August staff meeting scheduled for next week, 8/14 canceled

I would like to cancel the August staff meeting scheduled for next week, 8/14.

The Technical Committee has already postponed their meetings until September, and
I would like to follow suit.

If you have any objection to waiting until September, please let me know directly

Dave Flad

July ARRL SEC Newsletter

The July Monthly update from our ARRL SEC (aka WT / WN3LIF) is available here:

July Quarterly Meeting, 7/30/2018 GSC RM 041

The CCAR Quarterly meeting is this coming Monday night, July 30th at the Government Services Center in RM 041 (downstairs in the basement).

Start time is 7:00pm EST

Questions? Send email to the EC (email address at right).

Consider joining the PA NBEMS HF digital net


Group Description
Supporting the Pa NBEMS net for Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

PA NBEMS digital net on 80m at 3583 kHz at 0800 hr Sundays

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