Tactical Net Pro-words and Break Tags

When communications get heavy, someone may have a short solution to a problem that is consuming valuable air time. We use “break tags" so they can get into the net and share their information. Normally we are trained not to break into a controlled net unless there is an emergency. The usual exception is to throw out our call sign, which usually gets us put on hold, while we sit in frustration with the answer to a question that could save much unnecessary chatter.

Break tags are single pro-words used to break into a net that indicate the kind of info you are offering. They are to be used only when the information will be appreciated by the NCS and will result in a more efficient net. They are:

  • Answer or Info — when you have the answer to a specific question being discussed, and time will diminish its value.
  • Recheck — when you are returning to the net from another frequency or an absence.
  • Query — when time is of the essence and you have a question that needs to be addressed now, like when the Mayor asks you for an answer and he is standing next to you.
  • Priority — to request a break to report an important but non-life-threatening situation, such as a car accident or a minor medical incident.
  • EMERGENCY — only break in with this to report ongoing life- or property-threatening situations.
  • Your Call Sign — as a break-in word it is an indication that you have traffic that can wait and does not require stopping the ongoing exchange. With this you expect to be put on hold. As the last thing in an exchange, you indicate you are clear.