EPA Weekly Bulletin#53 is available

There is a weekly bulletin that is published on Sunday nights by our ARRL Section Manager.
The bulletin can be found here: http://w3luz.org/d3db/EPA_Section_ARES_Weekly_Bulletin_053_2019-10-13.ht...

Interesting reading -- The California Repeater situation ; the recent ARRL SET, some other tidbits of varied interest.

Note: Our CCAR SET participation was a bit light, but I wasn't pushing hard on this. I turned in our numbers ahead of Limerick. We tested on the requested date and did how we did on that date alone. I wasn't in it for the points, so I didn't wait for Limerick to "boost" our score. Our score represented us best on that date, and I am okay with the results. Thanks Frank, Barry, Paul, John, and others that participated. From what I was told, it was a first for us to participate in a SET as well.

Note2 -- In the October count of member hours already recorded in ARES CONNECT, CCAR is represented by a number of folks within the top 25 list of total hours. Some of those are not CCAR members, but regularly participate in the Thursday CCAR nets as well. All in all, a great showing for our team and our frequent "friends" from nearby counties.