ACCOUNTS-- All CCAR members who want to remain active with CCAR require an ARES-CONNECT account. You MUST create your account before the end of JULY to remain on the ARRL ARES Roster.
(Create your account at:

Thank you to all members who have already created and have been actively using their accounts.

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EVENT Registration -- You should register for the CCAR events that you think you will attend. You always have the option to cancel your registration up to the date of the event. You can limit the EVENT LIST to just CCAR events, by using the FILTER, and then scrolling down the list to the line with only "Chester -029PA" on it.

Confirmation of your registration is sent to the email address you have on your ARES-CONNECT profile. You will also receive reminders ahead of the event, as well as a follow-up email with a reminder (and a link) to enter your time spent on the event.

REPORTING -- July is the last month for reporting hours manually for CCAR activities. Starting in August, only hours logged in ARES-CONNECT will be used for reporting purposes.

HOURS for CCAR events can be self-reported ONLY after the event start date and time are reached/passed. You should record your time as soon as possible. Use the pulldown next to your name, and select the Record Hours option. Each activity/event that needs an entry will be displayed one at a time. Enter your time, save the entry, and the next event needing hours will be displayed.

NOTE: A number of enhancement requests have been sent to ARRL regarding various aspects of ARES-CONNECT. There is no timeline for action, but there is an ongoing effort to improve the tool where possible. You can provide your feedback to and it will be shared with EPA Section Leadership for consolidation and submission.