CJIS Online - Training Reminder Email

For anyone that receives a reminder email message about your CJIS Training Certification, there are a few things you should know:

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CJIS training is MANDATORY to have (and keep) an active County badge to access County Facilities.
CJIS training certification must be repeated every 2 years. The timing is based on when you first took the training.
If you do not certify (or re-certify), your CCDES Badge will be deactivated.
When you click the link in the email you receive, make sure to click on VENDOR option on the screen. Then login as indicated in the reminder email message. The rest of the activity will be self-explanatory, and the entire process takes under 5 minutes.

Please try to complete the certification/re-certification process as soon as possible after you are instructed to do so.

Note: If you DO NOT have a County Badge, you must be escorted by another CCAR member with an active badge in order to enter (or pass through) the 9-1-1 Center, or to access the County EOC.