CCAR - Current NBEMS Software Baseline 02/01/2019 Update

Flmsg and Flamp have been updated as shown below. No other changes from the last posting

Fldigi updated to 4.1.0 available at

Download the file appropriate for your system:

Source archive for building on local disk: fldigi-4.1.00.tar.gz
Apple 32 bit disk image for OS-X < 10.14: fldigi-4.1.00_i386.dmg
Apple 64 bit disk image for OS-X >= 10.13: fldigi-4.1.00_x86_64q.dmg
Apple 64 bit disk image for Motorola CPU: fldigi-4.1.00_ppc.dmg
Windows set up executable for all Win Ver: fldigi-4.1.00_setup.exe

Flmsg 4.0.7 updated to 4.0.8
Flamp 2.2.03 updated to 2.2.04

Fldigi unchanged: 4.1.0

Windows users may get a security warning, these are all safe to install.

Frank N3FLL