Weekend Storm / PEMA ACS Activation

CCAR members should participate at their discretion, if you have HF/DMR capability.

Stations are asked to report their current weather conditions. This information will be used to provide PEMA with corroborating information on where the snow, ice, and rain is occurring throughout PA for situational awareness and operations planning.

"Due to the predicted winter storm, ACS will be Activating from Saturday 1/19 08:00 Thru Monday 1/21 TBD ...

A HF Net will be established on the HQ Primary Daytime and Nighttime Frequencies starting on Saturday at 0800. PEMA ACS will also monitor the PaNBEMS HF Frequencies and PEMA ACS DMR Talkgroup on the Brandmister network starting at that time.

See attached ICS205 for operation details "


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