November 10, 2018 Tech Rally Presentation Material Available on-line

Andrew - KA2DDO - did a fabulous job this morning (Saturday - 11/10/18) with his tech rally discussing the use of APRS by CCAR. It was quite informative, and contained a great background and explanation of APRS, as a communications mode, as well as the use of it by CCAR.

The slide set has been uploaded to the CCAR website, and is available to members to download and review. Please head over to the "Download" section of the website. Look at the link for presentation downloads, and you will find the presentation. The file name is "APRS-for-CCAR_11-10-18.pdf".

A big 'thank you!' to Andrew!

Jim - WA3NOA


Great presentation Andrew! Thank you very much for the detailed outline of APRS. It got me up to date with all that’s changed since I had to curtail my participation.
Thank you.