Tech Rallies - Sept 8 and Oct 13, 2018

To all CCAR members.

The tech rallies for September and October will be used to completely test the repeater and simplex communications to/from 74 Chester County municipalities. We need every member’s help in performing this important test.

Saturday - September 8, 2018 from 0830 until noon
Saturday - October 13, 2018 from 0830 until noon

These are the dates.

I am attaching a document that fully explains the purpose and mechanism that we will use.

Basically, we are asking CCAR members to go to any local municipality EOC location that are nearby where they live, and report to Net Control to establish and test the communications. You will need a mobile radio and a gain type of antenna with your vehicle. We will be testing signals using the CCAR linked repeaters as well as simplex on 2 meters and 440 MHz. This is a very simple test and not very strenuous. You do not have to get out of your car at all…just park in the location’s parking lot, and chat for a few minutes on the air!

Please read the attached document carefully and try to help us out on either, or both, of these tech rally days.

If you would like to provide me with a list of locations you would like to go to and test before the dates, please do so by replying to my email. That way, we will know ahead of time where to expect people to go and communicate from.

This test is quite valuable to CCAR, as well as the County, as it clearly will show where our communications strengths and weaknesses are. We can then use that information to decide what needs to be done to improve those communications for the future.

So, please consider helping out with these two tech rallies. They should prove to be fun and interesting to all.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, as well as if, and where, you will be participating.


Jim - WA3NOA
CCAR Technical Lead