Outside CCAR Public Service Opportunity

I am registered to volunteer with the MS150 event at the end of September. I received this email looking for additional volunteer communicators. If you look at the attached form or the website there is an August 15 registration due date. I questioned this andreceived the following reply:
". . . we will take volunteers until the day before the event, and while the rooms are getting low, we have requested additional, and will put out an announcement if we completely book up."

Rich KE3HG


August means a lot of different things. End of Summer, Back to school for some, but we are looking at running out of rooms in Ocean City for the MS 150 City to Shore 2 day volunteers.

For those of you who have already volunteered, THANK YOU, and we ask that you talk with all HAMS that you know who have not volunteered, to come out for community service and sign up for an event that helps so many, is such a short amount of time.

If you have volunteered in the past, you know that we try to make this event a TEAM effort, and EVERYONE is part of the TEAM . Of course there have been some bad experiences that some folks have had in the past, but we try our best to make this an event where everyone feels involved, enjoys their time, and leaves you with a satisfying feeling.

If you have never volunteered for the MS 150, we ask that you come out and give it a try. Yes, we realize that it may not be your cup of tea, but your input as a new member of the team always helps us grow and get better.

We are still looking to fill many assignments along the route, and could really use all your help in volunteering and getting the word out to all those HAMS out there not on our mailing lists.

Attached is our sign-up form, or you can go on line at: http://main.nationalmssociety.org/HAMS

We hope this mailing brings in a great response, and we look forward to working with as many of you as possible for the event this year.

With Much Appreciation