Tech Rally - Saturday June 10th 0830

The June tech-rally is planned to be an initial Limerick drill involving 026 staffing, NBEMS operators, and 5.8 GHz / email operators.

The planned approach is:

- 026 staff

Remote NBEMS operator
Voice net control
CCAR email operator
DES email traffic simulator

- 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz access points (on the GSC roof)

- Township operators "deployed" to the DES parking lot

NBEMS operators receive / send traffic via 2M Bucktown NBEMS station, acknowledge via voice net
5.8 GHz operators receive / send via 5.8 GHz or 2.4 GHz as appropriate, acknowledge via email

- Pass drill traffic simulating anticipated scenarios

Roving "experts" in the parking lot to handle questions / issues

Please add the June tech Rally to your calendar and get your equipment ready. Note: all NBEMS stations are welcome to participate to test your equipment / GO kits. Don't hesitate to contact me with questions or comments prior to the event.

73, Andy