Cerebral Palsy/Northbrook Canoe Challenge event coming up Sunday - May 7th...need operators

The annual Cerebral Palsy fundraiser event/canoe challenge is coming up shortly, and we are need of at least 13 operators to provide the vital communications.

CCAR has been providing communications for this event for many years and we are an important part of the safety and success of the event.

I have just sent an email out to all CCAR members requesting volunteers to be radio operators at assigned locations all along the Brandywine. The operators set up in fixed locations and provide reports to net control as the canoe participants pass those locations. It is a very relaxed event for our operators and is fun to do.

Please consider volunteering for this event. If you wish to volunteer, please email me at: jim.harris1@Verizon.net

The event is being held on Sunday - May 7th, and operators will need to be on duty from 10am until about 2-2:30pm.

I need to get the list of operators put together in the next two weeks, so please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you for you help to CCAR, and the Community.


Jim - WA3NOA