Tech Rally Saturday 3/11/2017 at 0830

The tech rally Saturday is in room 042 at 08:30.

Topics are:

- Quick update on CCAR activities / events
- Limerick Exercise kickoff. The Exercise this year is Wednesday November 14th, and the school exercise is Tuesday 13th. Our approach this year is to create township teams with a designated team leader with one or more supporting team members.
The team lead will be responsible for a number of tasks including
- Township coordination
- Township infrastructure installation with support from the technical team
- Team centered training / practice.
The intent is to minimize the need for large scale group drills with the exception of a final full group rehearsal.

Limerick township teams must have a CCAR member as the team lead but other team members can be recruited at the discretion of the leader and may include non-CCAR Amateur Radio operators, responsible citizens interested in public service, and youths involved in scouting or other activities with the maturity and desire to participate. Goals are to ensure we have good township coverage with some redundancy and also interest non CCAR participants to join and if necessary, get licensed.

Note that we would like to get permanent CCAR infrastructure at as many of the townships as possible to make it easier to participate and be better prepared for an actual deployment.

73, Andy