CCAR: Greetings from the new EC

Fellow CCAR members,

I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year and take the opportunity to announce that CCAR has a new Emergency Coordinator - me! I am humbled that the group has bestowed this honor upon me [yeah, yeah] and excited by the prospect of a very busy 2017 working with our served agency - The Chester County Department of Emergency Services.

Before continuing though I would like to thank Will Emmons (K3WIL) for serving as the CCAR EC for the past two years. He leaves the organization in good shape and it's now my challenge not to mess things up!

Our first staff meeting this year is next Wednesday where we will be setting 2017 objectives and making a start on the project plan. This is a Limerick NGS drill year so training and technical activities associated with the exercise will be high on the list as well working on improving membership communication - a perennial challenge. If you have any suggestions for 2017 activities, have a hidden skill we can leverage, would like to volunteer for one of the leadership roles, or just get more involved please feel free to reach out to me at

The January quarterly meeting is planned for Monday 30th (weather permitting) and I invite you all to attend. I should have a much better view of the year ahead by then. I also encourage everyone to check in to the weekly information net Thursdays at 19:30. The net is an opportunity to test your equipment, hear news and announcements, and practice passing drill traffic. Following the information net is the weekly NBEMS training net where we practice passing NBEMS traffic, experiment with modes and procedures, and help bring newbies up to speed. If you have been thinking about dipping your toes in the NBEMS pool feel free to listen and check in - no experience necessary.

Thanks for being part of CCAR.

73, Andy