CCAR Tech Rally - 01/14/2017 Government Services Center in West Chester at 08:30

Have you ever wondered

What's the difference between a microcontroller and a microprocessor?
What's an Arduino?
What's a Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Beaglebone?
What's a cape, shield, bonnet, feather wing?
What's a breakout board?
What's an ADC, I2C, GPIO?
Should I be embarrassed by Flash memory.... or call the police?
Who are Sparkfun, Adafruit, Evil Mad Scientist?
Does any of this stuff relate to Amateur radio?

If so, please join join us on Saturday January 14th at the Government Services Center in West Chester at 08:30 where those questions and more will be answered.

73, Andy


This was a really fine event. The presentation for the Raspberry pie was most applicable to my current needs - I am looking for something simple that will run FLDIGI other than a laptop. Joe shared his experience with configuring the pie to do just what I need.
The other half dealt with microcontrollers from the chips to the various Arduinos'. Several projects were presented. I personally used several Arduinos' for projects that ranged from data loggers for temp/humidity and hamster running to Christmas light sequencing. In all cases the components are a fantastic buy on-line especially compared to what comparable equipment cost just a few years ago.