The Rapid Response Team (RRT)

In the first minutes of an emergency, it is important to get the basic elements of a communications network on the air quickly. It takes time for emergency managers to assess a situation, determine needs, organize resources and put them in place. The solution is the Rapid Response Team or RRT. An RRT is a small team within a larger emcomm group. Their job is to put a few strategically placed stations on the air within the first half-hour to hour, allowing time for managers to acquire and plan additional help. These stations are usually at the Chester County EOC, Resource and Tactical Net control stations, and a few field teams. This is called the Level 1 RRT response.

A Level 2 RRT response follows within a few hours, bringing additional resources and operators. Level 1 teams have pre-assigned jobs, and short-term (12-24 hour) go-kits ready to go when the call comes. Level 2 teams have 72-hour go-kits and a variety of other equipment, possibly including tents, portable repeaters, food and water supplies, sleeping gear, spare radios, generators and batteries.

CCAR’s Rapid Response Team operations are described in a separate Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).