Nets during an Activation

Tactical Net

The Tactical Net is the primary net in an ARES/RACES emcomm operation. In Chester County, this net is always set up on one of the CCAR primary frequencies (see the Standard Communications Plan). It is a controlled net with a Net Control Station (NCS) and an Alternate NCS. We pass tactical traffic on this net as needed, along with coordinating information and information broadcasts. Formal written traffic may also be passed if the net is not too busy, at the NCS’s discretion. If busy, the NCS will direct you to pass formal traffic on a secondary simplex or repeater frequency. The NCS will take roll calls of all stations in the net every half hour as traffic permits, to insure all stations are available and accounted for. Stations that need to leave the net should inform the NCS, if possible.

Resource Net

The Resource Net is used when there is a need for many operators in an incident. In a large incident, County and Municipal EOCs will be in operation, along with Red Cross Chapters, shelters, hospitals, and more. If the tactical net were busy, operators would be told to convene on an alternate frequency where the Resource Net is operating. From here, emergency managers will select operators for assignment to travel and serve where they are most needed. The Resource Net also tracks operators while they are moving, for safety and security. The Resource Net is a controlled net with an NCS and an Alternate NCS. It is set up on a standard frequency, which the NCS announces frequently on the Tactical Net.