Responder Credentials

Official documents and updates from DES will be appended to this page as downloadable attachments as they are released during the implementation of the system. Please read them, and act as they direct. You must be logged in to view and download the attachments.

CCAR Credentialing Process

Reregistered members of Chester County ARES RACES are eligible to receive a Chester County ARES RACES photo ID badge that identifies you as a member of CCAR. Individuals displaying the photo ID are granted permission to travel in times of declared emergencies and have access to certain Chester County facilities. Travel in times of emergencies allows CCAR members to reach dispatched locations in Chester County for the purpose of providing emergency communications.

Should you decide to not bean active member of in CCAR you must return your Photo ID/access badge to the Chester County DES

CCAR members requesting a photo ID and building access are required to be fingerprinted and submit to a background check.

The process for badging is as follows:

1) Complete Finger Print Release form (attachment "Finger Print Release Authorization :) and submit it to:

Valerie Peck
Chester County Department of Emergency Services, suite 012
Government Services Center
601 Westtown Rd
West Chester, PA 19380

2) A background check will be conducted by Chester County Department of Emergency Services and on successful completion you will be notified to proceed with finger printing at one of the locations indicated. (Attachment "Fingerprinting Locations")

3) Return your completed set of finger prints to Valerie Peck.

4) Phone Valerie Peck 610-344-5075 and make an appointment to have your Photo taken

5) Completed badges will be delivered to the CCAR Emergency Coordinator and distributed to you.