Field Sites

This is a catalog of pre-surveyed field operating sites. Notes on what to expect and details of previously successful setups and operating practices will give the CCAR operator the advantage of not having to climb the learning curve if deployed to a new and unfamiliar site. Please feel free to comment and update the information if you have something useful to add.

Chester County Hospitals


Mass Care Shelters

Evacuation, or Mass Care shelters are operated by trained individuals and volunteers, usually from the American Red Cross. They help ensure that the safety, security, and basic needs of residents are met.

CCAR is currently surveying these locations for emergency communications support.

Municipal EOC's within the Limerick EPZ

These Municipal EOCs are activated for the Limerick NPS Exercise.

POD Sites

POD (Point of Distribution) sites are locations where a large number of people receive medication or vaccination due to natural disease outbreak or a bioterrorist attack. These sites are currently being surveyed for field communications by CCAR.